Welcome to our blog that has been dormant for over a year. With the rise in social media, we have spent more time posting our stories on Facebook over the last two years. Our Facebook page Uffman Nature Images grew quickly to over 10K followers.

Nothing stays the same. As policies changed at Facebook, “reach” became an issue with often reach being in the low hundreds rather than the thousands it once was. That issue is not unique to us and like many we plan to return more to our blog/newsletter and refreshing our website as our principal method of communicating.

In the future, this is where we hope to spend more time sharing stories as we enjoy nature around the world. It is also where we will provide photography tips and thoughts on equipment for some of our special adventures.

Our blog is arranged topically rather than chronologically. To see a full individual blog post, simply mouse over the thumbnail image.  That will give you two icons. Click the one on the left for the full story.  Click the magnifying glass on the right to see the full image in a large version.

You also may want to visit our categories and that will allow you to view related posts.   You will find posts there from nature, landscape, trip reports, technical notes and more.    Please feel free to share and comment as we post images and short articles from our adventures. If you like our blog,  you also can click the link below the comment section to subscribe . You then will get an email whenever we post.

You also can click links on this page to take you to our website, favorite images and more. The website also has a page of  some of our favorites.  There you can mouseover the image and see some information or name of the image when present.  You also can also click on the image and it will appear full screen.

Again, thanks for visiting and hope to see you out there in the wonder of it all!

Steve and Marian