Late Fall Flight

A late migration of waterfowl expected after seeing flightless ducks in Saskatchewon the first week of October.  The blue wing teal hen is still feathering out even though a hard winter freeze should be happening any time.   I have been going up to the North Battleford area for almost a decade and have never seen this before.  Normally, the waterfowl are feathered out and ready to fly.
20130930-_g7q8089saskatchewanThe good news is that duck and geese populations are substantial and according to some reports the best in many decades.   How many migrate to our home of Louisiana remains to be seen-but it is encouraging news.


The golden stubble of harvested wheat fields in Saskatchewan set against the blue skies and shimmering lakes are uniquely beautiful. The brilliant golden color of the wheat fields almost seem unnatural. Rainfall has been very limited in this area since June. Thus, most potholes are dry. As a result, the hundreds of lakes that dot the area are almost all loaded with waterfowl-be it ducks, geese, swans, loons or more


Interestingly, there are so many young ducks and geese that its a predators feast.   Imagine older ducks swimming within feet of a bald eagle?  Not going to happen because it does not take long and the waterfowl learn what an enemy eagles, falcons, hawks and more are to them.
Of course, one of the great things about Saskatchewan in October is the gorgeous colors of all the wheat and other grain fields that all have their own hue of gold.  Add that to the foliage that features golden aspens and willows, deep green of the conifers and shades of red of various species of deciduous trees. Add a bright blue sky and and the views are amazing.