Bull Moose in Canadian Rockies

Great week in Jasper, Alberta learning to advance our skills from master photographer Chas Glatzer. Certainly an expert and one who works hard to advance both your in-camera and post-processing skills.

Of course he is an animal whisperer. Chas has so much time in the woods with these creatures, he can pretty well tell you the next thing the animal will do before the animal even knows.

Also tip of the hat to Dave Kelly who did a bonus session on Lightroom. I have used Lightroom for several years but Dave is a certified adobe instructor and he gave tips that I had never heard or seen before. Sort of a secret sauce that really extends the capabilities of Lightroom for me. Dave has a book out that I highly recommend. There are secrets in there that will make the book an asset to even the most veteran.

All in All a great week..now to work on getting all the images that Marian and I took processed and put up on our new website and blog we are about to launch. Lots of work but lots of enjoyment when we can share our images and get feedback that some of you enjoy them as well.
— in Jasper, Alberta, Canada._q2c9224-edit-4