Tripod safety strap

On a workshop with Chas Glatzer,   Chas told us about a solution to add an additional degree of safety to your camera, big lens and tripod that I thought I would pass along.  It calls for combinations of two or three straps depending on what camera and lens combination you are using and want to secure.

First, you attach a strap with a rapid release clip to the lens. The  strap is a Kevlar web strap that attaches to the strap lugs on the big lenses that are normally used for carrying straps.  Remove the carrying strap and attach one of the release straps below.  I attach only one and  to the left side. is the link to order. Two come in a package so I attach them to all of the big lenses that have the strap lug.kevlar strap attaches to lens

Next I attach the black wrist loop with the large rapid release clip to my tripod.  So instead of putting the loop around my wrist, I put the loop around the tripod head and then cinch it tight.  I leave this strap on my tripod always.
wrist loopNow to quickly add an additional level of security, simply snap the rapid release clips on both lens and your done.


Now what about the camera itself?  Chas uses a carabiner clip with a loop such as the one below to attach to the  camera.  The carabiner clips around the strap looped around the tripod.….I is one place to order such a strap.Capture carabiner UPstrap makes a camera side strap with a rapid release clip but you only have one release clip coming off your tripod.  It would be handy however if you are shooting a lens with out a strap lug and your only option is securing the camera.

side cameraFor more information about Chas Glatzer and his wonderful workshops, check his website at