Natural Habitat

A good clear image of an animal with no grasses, limbs or other obstructing the view of the animal is preferred by many. I like them that way and will move my position to get that if possible. But often I enjoy the images displaying the animal just how he lives and how his natural coloring blends into the background to give him some sort of protection. In fact I am often amused when I am trying to photograph one animal and learn later that another animal has been watching me unknown to me due to its camouflage. (of course if the animal watching is a meat eater, I might not be amused)Anyway, this beautiful bull was likely finding a spot to bed down for the night as dusk was approaching. The day had warmed considerably and many animals appear a bit sluggish this day-certainly moreso that they were earlier in the week when temps were in the low 20s Fahrenheit.   No doubt this elk welcomed the cool of the shade.

I did not see any need to move any blade of grass or limb or whatever in post processing. Just display it as I saw it in the view finder. Magnificent these animals, don’t you think?

— inJasper, Alberta, Canada.